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What Do Millennial Renters Really Want?

Renting a place to live has long been viewed as the first step up the ladder to property ownership. After ...
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Why Incremental Revenue Matters So Much

There’s nothing that frustrates a leasing agent more than a landlord who won’t budge on a rental increase – even ...
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Recreational Cannabis Legalization: Property Managers, Are You Ready?

There’s just under one week until recreational cannabis becomes a legal product throughout Canada which poses new concerns for property ...
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The Top 10 “Suite-Spots” to Check During Unit Inspections

There is no way to avoid inspecting your rental units on a regular basis.  Whether it’s part of the move-in ...
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How Property Unit Inspections can Lead to a Positive Tenant Relationship

Owning rental properties comes with a variety of challenges, not the least of which is starting and maintaining a positive ...
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How Mobile Unit Inspections Boost Your Capital Planning

Capital improvement budgeting is an annual requirement. Sometimes finding the data from your expenditures last year to help you plan ...
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Top 5 Things Building Owners Miss on Apartment Unit Inspections

Do you conduct unit inspections in your building just because you have to? Many people do inspections without a real ...
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Transforming the Turnover Process

Leveraging technology can bring greater efficiency and accuracy to the turnover and asset management processes. It is important that there ...
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