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Our technology is built on experience gained from over 100,000 inspections and multi-family unit make-ready/turnover projects.

SuiteSpot is designed to make day to day operations of a multifamily property easy and more productive with features built to optimize staff resources, maximizing visibility and minimizing execution time resulting in increased NOI.

Say Goodbye to Clipboards with SuiteSpot Mobile Inspections

With SuiteSpot Mobile Inspections you can easily and accurately perform inspections using any smartphone or tablet.  Generate work orders on the spot for service technicians and maintenance teams to remedy defective items.

Fully Customizable

Customize inspection templates, reports, workflows, and escalations to match your business processes without having to make any sacrifices.

Enhanced Metrics

Create scoring metrics to generate meaningful information from your inspection results. Counts, costs, and risk levels are automatically calculated with each unit that is inspected.

Photo Evidence

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let the photos do the talking for you. Photos quickly document current conditions and ensure additional site visits are not required.

Digital Signatures

Complete inspections with a digital signature. Inspectors, tenants, and service technicians can acknowledge inspections results and work statuses by signing directly on the app.

Guided inspections ensure they are performed the way they were designed.

With SuiteSpot Mobile Inspection field personnel can easily and accurately perform condition inspections using any smartphone or tablet. Photograph and document unit condition and any deficiencies found.

Learn more about how SuiteSpot’s Mobile Inspection software can drive more value and tenant satisfaction while ensuring properties are being properly maintained.

SuiteSpot Work Orders

Simplify Your Property Operations

Within a single software platform, manage all property inspections, create and assign work orders on the fly, and manage contractors and field staff.  With one simplified dashboard all users know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how it needs to be done.

Schedule Recurring Work Orders

Recurring events can be automatically scheduled and assigned to staff for routine inspections and preventative maintenance.  The frequency and schedules of these work orders can be created by management ensuring property staff are performing tasks as intended while receiving exception alerts when expectations are not met.

Track Work Orders Easily

SuiteSpot’s Work Order dashboard gives you an easy to read overview of all outstanding and completed work orders. Prioritize tasks and make sure all work stays on schedule with an informative and intuitive user interface.

Inspection Driven

Deficiencies noted during inspections can automatically create work orders for staff to remedy. No more forgetting to create work orders, SuiteSpot knows when work needs to be done and makes sure it is followed through to completion.

Labor Tracking

Labor times can be estimated and tracked for each task which helps users prioritize and schedule outstanding work. Maintain visibility of staff workloads allowing work levels to be balanced and ensuring no one is overloaded and no schedules are missed.

Work Offline

You can't always count on having a wireless signal so SuiteSpot mobile doesn't require one. Download your tasks for the day, work on them completely offline, and sync back at the end of the day.

Preventative Maintenance & Service Requests

Scheduling and completing maintenance and service requests has never been easier. Easily look up the unit and asset conditions in real-time, ensuring the right materials and workers are available to remedy any deficiency.

SuiteSpot Puts Make-Ready Turnover Projects on Automatic

Turning over a rental unit to make it “rent-ready” is a major paint point in today’s real-estate market. SuiteSpot automates the turnover process in a comprehensive and systematic way putting control back in your hands.

Make Ready Workflow Templates

The customizable Make-Ready workflow template is there to help guide staff in performing a make-ready project. Catalogs, Contractors, Escalations, Alerts, and Permissions are features that ensure a predictable, repeatable process that even the newest staff member can easily perform.

Scoping & Procurement

Your scoping and procurement process is streamlined and simplified with SuiteSpot. Generate and approve the scope of work, distribute it to contractors and/or internal staff, track work progress and inspect quality, all from one platform.

Workflow Rules

Each workflow can be defined with specific steps that must be performed in a particular order. Users are forced to perform the steps in that order and managers will receive escalations and alerts when steps are not performed by their due date.

Real-time Collaboration

Collaboration is enhanced when all participants can see and work on project data at the same time. Users can leave notes and reminders for others in a single, common location, eliminating the ``black holes`` which often devour important information and ensure all users have the necessary details.

Budget Planning

SuiteSpot tracks all of your historical turnover spending giving you a strong source of data on which to plan future budgets. SuiteSpot also predicts future spending requirements using predictive analytics from unit condition inspections aligned with property positioning goals.

Reduce Make-Ready/Turnover Time

Cost-savings and Improved NOI.
SuiteSpot helps reduce costs and improve NOI by optimizing the “rent-ready” renovation process. Workflows and templates designed to match your business needs ensure the make-ready/turnover is efficiently completed. Workflow alerts and escalations ensure projects are kept on schedule. Units are made rent-ready quickly without taking up staff time and resources.

Want more information on SuiteSpot? Request a demo, we promise it won’t take long!